The Nice Thing About a Slow Computer


I’ve needed a laptop upgrade for a while now. Rendering out long videos can take a long time—sometimes thirty minutes. Usually it’s a pain but there is a benefit. 

During that thirty minutes there is nothing else I can do to work on that specific video. I have complete personal permission to do anything else I want. I can use that time to email a client, organize files, write a blog post, grab a snack, or simply reward myself  with some rest for three solid hours of focused editing. 

I’ve noticed a lot of little inconveniences that can be harnessed for personal gain. If you miss a flight, you can read or get some work done at the airport. If the internet’s down, you can take a break from screens. If you get stuck in traffic, you can absorb a good podcast. 

The inconvenience might be a real concern but I always look for a way to use that extra time. There’s almost always something. 

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