I Love What I Create


I love the things I make so much. I get immense satisfaction when I complete a video and the visuals are perfectly timed with the audio, and the video is just so damn catchy. 

I’ve watched some of my videos dozens of times in a row thinking “Wow, this is f*cking awesome!” I’m obsessed with the end product of my efforts. I get this feeling like no other feeling when I click play and everything lines up in perfect synchronicity. 

It’s still hard work but once I get to making a video, I can work for 16 hours without any boredom or fatigue. The satisfaction I get from it is unreal. 

Whatever you do, try to feel this way about it. Love what you do so much that you’d enthusaically look at the product of your labor and say “Damn! That’s awesome!” Try to find something that makes you feel like a kid on Christmas. You might still procrastinate at times but when you get down to it, you’ll remember why you started in the first place.

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